As we navigate the third quarter of one of the most unpredictable years in history, our revolutionary Active Winglet technology offers cost savings and a solid investment for Cessna CitationJets. The aircraft valuation guide Vref has always valued Tamarack Aerospace Active Winglets at 100% of their purchase price for Cessna CitationJets, which is still true today.

In a recent interview, Tamarack President Jacob Klinginsmith spoke on Vref’s 100% value recognition, saying ”now is the time for aviation to increase its scrutiny of cost savings and good investments.” Klinginsmith also noted our overall customer satisfaction, saying “Tamarack customers have told us that the value of their aircraft increased with the addition of the Active Winglets.”

Tamarack Founder and CEO Nick Guida refers to the value of Active Winglets as a “multiple on investment,” because the modification’s 100% resale perk adds immediate value to any aircraft while saving fuel on every flight, in comparison to immediately depreciating modifications like avionics, paint, Wi-Fi, or interior upgrades.

Even without factoring in resale value, the cost of Tamarack winglets is recouped in fuel savings alone in approximately 3.6 years’ time for most who choose the upgrade. These incredible benefits reveal just how smart of an upgrade the Active Winglet is for CitationJet operators.