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Active Winglets: FAA Certified Disruptive Technology

Active Winglets achieve more fuel savings than Passive Winglets

Tamarack® Active Winglet System Certified

Tamarack® Aerospace Group, Inc. announces the receipt of an Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) for its Active Winglet system for the Cessna CJ business jet. Tamarack® now has approval for the installation of its Active Winglets on all 8 variants of the Cessna 525, 525A, & 525B in the US. the European Union, Canada, Mexico and Brazil. Tamarack®  Active Winglet technology provides greater range at MCT with IFR reserve and reduced times to climb.


How Winglets Work

Aircraft wing efficiency is all about aspect ratio. Longer wings are more efficient for lift and have lower drag—think gliders. Winglets have the effect of increasing span, reducing drag from wing-tip vortices, and improving the lift distribution over the wing.

ATLAS® Active Winglets are designed for maximum aerodynamic efficiency without the compromises requisite of Passive Winglets. The key to the ATLAS® Active Winglet system is the load alleviation aspect, which allows for the addition of a wing extension and a highly tuned winglet design while keeping the original wing structure.

Passive Winglets, on the other hand, require additional wing structure and weight to carry the additional wing loads. Tamarack’s innovative load-alleviating technology (ATLAS®) allows Tamarack® to aerodynamically “turn off” the winglet in specific conditions, thus dumping additional loads. Load alleviation enables a substantial increase in aspect ratio without the need for wing reinforcement (and added weight) or other compromises to the winglet design.

The ATLAS® Active Winglet system; comprised of the load alleviation technology, a wing extension, and winglets, achieve more fuel savings than Passive Winglets. The revolutionary Tamarack® Active Winglet technology increases an aircraft’s stability and smooths out the bumps of inflight turbulence. The ATLAS® system also allows an increase in max zero fuel weight as well as provide better high/hot take off performance.

Certification and Testing

Certification of Tamarack® Aerospace’s Active Winglet technology culminates a six year effort that included hundreds of hours of test flights on numerous testbed aircraft. During those test flights the Tamarack® jets have consistently experienced increased range at MCT with IFR reserves, and has seen reduced times to climb.

Tamarack’s ATLAS® equipped CJ set an Unofficial World Record flying 1,853nm non-stop while landing with required fuel reserves, after a 6 hour 16 minute flight with only a 26kt tail wind.

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“Tamarack has done an amazing thing. They have opened my eyes to a new aerodynamic possibility and reminded me it’s an exciting time in aviation. You have to fly it to believe it. I urge you to do just that.”

Noel YantosPresident of LOFT