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NTSB Docket Information May 6, 2021

Tamarack Aerospace Group Initial Response to NTSB Report Docket (May 6, 2021) Regarding Fatal Cessna Jet Accident– Location: Near Memphis, Indiana, November 30, 2018

Tamarack extends its deepest condolences to the families of Wayne Estopinal, Andrew Davis, and Sandy Johnson, who were killed in the November 30, 2018 aircraft accident in Memphis, Indiana. Deepest sympathies are also extended to the friends and colleagues affected by the tragic accident.

On May 6, 2021, the NTSB released factual information about the accident that analyzes the wreckage, and also includes among other things, specific consideration of components of the Tamarack Active Winglet installation. The NTSB’s released information also analyzes other factual data compiled during the investigation including available flight data, and an Aircraft Performance Survey compiled by NTSB.

Tamarack had access to some of the body of factual data when submitting the Party Submission which is included in the docket.  Party submissions are a standard part of all investigations, providing the party members’ analysis of the factual data to supplement the NTSB’s final report. The Tamarack submission can be downloaded here.

Tamarack has fully cooperated with the NTSB during this investigation, after being invited to participate in May 2019. Today the public has access to the factual reports and other information used by the NTSB and the various party members that will be used to determine the probable cause of the accident. Per typical investigation procedure, this docket of information is being made available before the NTSB issues the Final Report. Tamarack continues to support the efforts of the NTSB and awaits the release of the NTSB Final Report.

Details about Active Winglet modification safety and aviation expert testimonials can be found on the Tamarack Website.

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How Can Active Winglets Provide 33% Fuel Savings?

Tamarack Active Winglets are known to provide unusually high efficiency gains for certain models of Cessna CitationJet, making the technology one of most immediately available carbon reduction solutions. Understandably, the potential of this technology has turned heads in the aviation industry as the Tamarack fleet continues to grow.

The performance enhancements and efficiency gains provided by Active Winglets are attributed to the technology’s structure; Active Winglets are not just a winglet, but a three-part system comprised of a wing extension, winglets, and load alleviation technology (ATLAS). Active Winglets increase an aircraft’s stability and decrease inflight turbulence, as well as allow an increase in MZFW. In addition, the technology provides better high/hot take off performance and most notably allows for longer nonstop trips with extra fuel reserve.

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Tamarack Sustainability White Paper Shows the Way for Aviation to Reach Goals with Fuel-Saving Active Winglet Technology


(Sandpoint, Idaho) Tamarack is pleased to release the Aviation Sustainability Initiatives white paper. A unique document, the Aviation Sustainability Initiatives white paper outlines how Active Winglets and other fuel saving and sustainability technologies can partner to reach international climate change goals. The document also shines a spotlight on the current state of aviation and the environment, and why the aviation industry must act on climate change now while longer-term solutions are being developed. This white paper is being released today, in honor of Earth Day, during a time for the world and the aviation industry alike to recommit to a more sustainable future.

The full white paper can be read and downloaded here.

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Tamarack Announces First Four Active Winglet Installations at Aiken South Carolina Transformation Center

Tamarack is pleased to announce that the first three Active Winglet installations at the Aiken, South Carolina Transformation Center have been completed and another CitationJet modification is scheduled in a few days.  The newest CitationJet Active Winglet sales include a CJ and two CJ2s. The East Coast Transformation Center is just a few miles from Augusta, GA, where the Masters Golf Tournament is held annually at the Augusta National Golf Club. This year, the pre-tournament began on April 5, 2021.

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Former Astronaut Dr. Byron K. Lichtenberg Provides Detailed Evaluation of Tamarack Active Winglets

Another confirmation of Tamarack’s sustainability and dramatic fuel saving technology

(Sandpoint, Idaho) – Tamarack Aerospace Group is thrilled to announce that former NASA astronaut, commercial airline pilot and professor Dr. Byron K. Lichtenberg has concluded a detailed evaluation of Tamarack’s revolutionary Active Winglet technology, and has made the evaluation available to the public.  

Overall, Dr. Lichtenberg concluded that “due to the synergies inherit in wingspan increase and winglets, plus an active load alleviation system, performance gains are notable. While the actual increases are dependent on the aircraft, mission, and flight profile, field experience has shown up to a 33 percent decrease in fuel burn in CitationJets. While the benefits for large turbojet aircraft will be in the 12 percent to 18 percent range, it is still considered significant.”

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Dr. Byron K. Lichtenberg: Detailed Evaluation of Active Winglets

Dr. Byron K. Lichtenberg: Detailed Evaluation of Active Winglets

After news media saw substantial benefits realized on more than 100 aircraft operating with Tamarack’s Active Winglets, media sources have requested an objective and reputable aerospace expert to review Tamarack’s claims.

Former astronaut, fighter pilot, and commercial airline pilot Dr. Byron Lichtenberg was compensated by Tamarack for his time to review Tamarack’s claims about the capabilities of Active Winglets. Additional information about Dr. Lichtenberg can be found below.

The following white paper is his detailed evaluation of Tamarack Active Winglets.

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John Forsythe, CEO of 1,4 Group, CJ2 Owner & Chief Pilot

John Forsythe, CEO of 1,4 Group, shares his experience with the “immediately noticeable” performance enhancements of Active Winglets.

Faster climbs and fewer stops allow Forsythe improved, consistent access to customers – nonstop.

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Flying with the Founder: Atmospheric Properties

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Mourning the loss of our friend, Mike Collins

Mourning the loss of our friend, Mike Collins

There are many versions of the saying, but Mike Collins seemed to have found the adage to be true: “If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.” He always had a smile on his face where airplanes were involved.

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Join the Conversation: Active Winglet CitationJet Owners Facebook Group

Join the Active Winglet CitationJet Group on Facebook today and connect with the Active Winglet Community and Fleet!

Now, you can discover exclusive Tamarack content, share flights, ask community questions, and connect with other Active Winglet pilots, owners, and enthusiasts.

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