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Do Active Winglets Add Value To An Aircraft?

According to the Aircraft Bluebook, aircraft with winglets sell at a premium, and more quickly than a comparable plane without winglets. Without a doubt, winglets give a jet an updated, modern look in addition to improved performance.

ATLAS® Active Winglets vs Passive Winglets

  • Greatly increases wing life (fatigue)
  • 3 to 4 times the fuel savings
  • Greater range
  • Faster climb to altitude
  • MZFW increase
  • Improved High/Hot performance
  • Lower operating costs
  • Smoother ride
  • Easy installation

Cost Savings

With winglets, operators transform the performance of existing aircraft, earning immediate and substantial cost savings with each flight. ATLAS® also offers an increase in fatigue life, a reduction in engine maintenance reserves from de-rated takeoffs, and an increase in payload range. Combined, these equate to a quick return on investment as well as an increase in asset value.

Improved Safety

ATLAS® offers significant safety improvements with lower stall speeds, improved climb rates for clearance over obstacles, glide slope, runway performance and high/hot performance. Increased efficiency also means more fuel reserves at your destination. With the increase in span and dihedral, Tamarack's winglets also increase stability at altitude with reduced Dutch Roll cycles and has eliminated an aircraft yaw damper inop limitation.

Fly Farther – Stop Less – Save More

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A More Sustainable Aviation Industry

Climate change is a challenge facing us all. ATLAS® Active Winglets deliver a significant reduction in CO2 emmissions, as well as a reduction in the use of fossil fuels. With a fast retrofit, the ATLAS® system can be applied to any existing or new aircraft—offering a step change in efficiency and sustainability for the whole aviation industry.

“As a professional pilot, I must say that the Tamarack's winglet-equipped CJ was impressive from takeoff at MTOW to touchdown. The noticeably improved climb performance experienced through the flight levels is a testament to the success and effectiveness of Tamarack’s winglet technology. Fuel consumption to top of climb (TOC) at FL410 was only 560 lbs (82 gallons) and just under 35 minutes”

Jason HermanProfessional pilot, CJ3/CJ4, ATP