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Do Active Winglets Add Value To An Aircraft?

According to the Aircraft Bluebook, aircraft with winglets sell at a premium, and more quickly than a comparable plane without winglets. Without a doubt, winglets give a jet an updated, modern look in addition to improved performance.

Active Winglets vs Passive Winglets

Fly More Comfortably

  • Aesthetic Appeal (these things look great)
  • Ride Smoothing during turbulence
  • Fewer Fuel Stops
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Fly higher
  • Higher Initial Climb Altitude (get over the weather faster)
  • Smoother air generally
  • Less headwind generally
  • Less traffic, ATC holds, and rerouting

Fly More Economically

  • Less fuel burn at higher altitudes (even heavy and very high, get to Certified Ceiling)
  • Less wear and tear on brakes, landing gear and tires
  • ROI 100% resale Value (Vref estimates 100% return of value)
  • Lower approach power settings
  • More payload available with MZFW increase

Fly Safer

  • Safer Takeoff & Landings
  • Slower speeds
  • Less energy
  • Runway length margin

Fly at higher altitudes

  • Get to Altitude faster
  • Less Traffic
  • Less weather
  • Get over weather faster
  • Driftdown altitudes are several thousand feet higher

Higher OEI climb performance

  • Increase safety margin. Example: departing Aspen and Telluride all year around
  • Increase safety margin year-round - especially on hot days
  • Increased Stability
  • Like another yaw damper
  • High Altitude with INOP autopilot is not an event anymore
  • Rock Solid approaches and landings
  • Structural Envelope Protection with active wing load alleviation (protects from wing overloading)

Fly with more Utility and now possible to repurpose aircraft

  • Range increase
  • MZFW increase 
  • Shorter Runways
  • Hotter Conditions
  • Higher Airfields
  • Better High/Hot Performance (WAT)
  • Less fuel required means more payload available
  • Higher Initial Climb Altitudes

Fly Farther – Stop Less – Save More

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A More Sustainable Aviation Industry

Climate change is a challenge facing us all. Tamarack's Active Winglets deliver as much as 33% reduction in CO2 emmissions, as well as a reduction in the use of fossil fuels. With a fast retrofit, Tamarack's Active Winglet technology can be applied to any existing or new aircraft—offering a step change in efficiency and sustainability for the whole aviation industry.

Read more about Tamarack's groundbreaking commitment to sustainable solutions here.

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