Valued Customers Take Advantage of Waived Installation Fees

Sandpoint, ID — In response to the COVID-19 economic impact, Tamarack® Aerospace Group has launched a temporary program to waive all installation fees for their revolutionary Active Winglet installs on Cessna CitationJets. Tamarack is pleased to announce that seven customers and counting have now taken advantage of the $42,000 discount, which will be offered through June 30, 2020. The newest customers sales include two CJ’s, two CJ1’s, two CJ2’s, and one CJ3. Tamarack is pleased to have one return customer and one Part 135 charter operator during this program, as well as one Partner installation completed by Rose Aircraft Services (Mena, AR).

“We are proud to help our valued customers during this time of economic strain,” says Jacob Klinginsmith, President of Tamarack Aerospace. “Temporarily eliminating the $42,000 installation fee has allowed five customers and counting to experience the groundbreaking benefits of our Active Winglet technology.” The continued support of Cessna CitationJet owners has helped Tamarack’s momentum this past spring, keeping sales services and supply chains operating. Tamarack Partners have also taken advantage of the discount as they navigate sales during an industry slowdown.

The aerospace industry is learning difficult lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic and will continue to evolve as the situation matures. One reality has become clear: Aviation technology needs to be safe, efficient, and sustainable – now more than ever before. Tamarack’s Active Winglet technology substantially increases the capability for non-stop or fewer-stops, thereby reducing the need for public passenger contact during flights while allowing for many different travel routes.

The modification is an immediate sustainability solution, reducing fuel consumption and carbon emissions by up to 33%. “As customers begin returning to the skies, people are looking to the aviation industry to adopt more sustainable practices,” explains Klinginsmith, “Active Winglets are one way to achieve those goals.”

About Tamarack Aerospace Group

Tamarack Aerospace Group has revolutionized aftermarket winglets with its ATLAS® Active Winglet technology. Until now, all traditional winglets have typically delivered only marginal performance benefits because they share the same dilemma: The increase in load requires structural reinforcement of the wing, which increases the aircraft’s weight and decreases the winglets’ benefits.

Tamarack has solved this ‘winglet conundrum’ by taking advantage of load alleviation techniques; The ground-breaking ATLAS® modifications lengthen the wings considerably by most standards because they are comprised of a winglet, plus a wing extension. The dramatic increase in wingspan greatly improves climb and reduces drag, saving significantly more fuel than any other solution on the market and encouraging a fresh new look at long-range flight planning for CitationJet operators.

ATLAS® Active Winglets can deliver the following benefits: double-digit fuel savings, payload increase, significant range increase, outstanding climb performance, ride smoothing, increased structural life, safety, and stability. Structural reinforcement is not required, making Active Winglets lightweight and easy to install.

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