“The record flight from SZT – HPN speaks volumes about the accomplishments of Tamarack Aerospace Group.  Their Active Winglet modified C-525 Citation “CJ” flew further, longer, higher (early in the flight) and cheaper than any small jet airplane in the world.  It is heartwarming to see such a spectacular affirmation of the creative intelligence and hard work of Nick Guida and his team.   I predict this is only the first note of the aeronautical equivalent of Beethoven’s ninth symphony.

In motor sports, enormous resources are expended trying to achieve technical superiority, what team owner Roger Penske called the “Unfair advantage”.  Occasionally some team will achieve that edge, and enjoy a leadership position created by a tiny but consistent advantage.  That tiny edge is chased by some of the world’s brightest and most powerful.  Never in the modern history of motor sports has anyone, any team, any manufacturer ever achieved a performance edge even approaching a fraction of what Tamarack has accomplished with the ATLAS™  Active Winglets.  This would be the equivalent of giving the other guys a 50 mile head start at the Indianapolis 500 and taking the lead before the race is half over.  I pity any manufacturer that ends up competing against the Tamarack “Unfair” Advantage.

Let’s also consider that the Tamarack airplane’s runway performance is also superior in both takeoff and landing distance due to slower, safer speeds.  The Tamarack superiority (over the standard airplane) would have been showcased even more dramatically using a runway limited range scenario, which would have multiplied the Tamarack advantage by lifting more fuel off the short runway and then burning less ….  while maintaining greater comfort and safety.  My point is that this Tamarack advantage is constant and all encompassing.  It doesn’t just show up at the 3 hour point to set distance records.  The Tamarack advantage starts at the application of angle of attack (rotation) and lasts until touchdown….  on every single flight.

The largest (and arguably least romantic) Tamarack advantage is safety.  Slower stall speed.  Slower takeoff speed.  Slower approach speed.  More stall margin.  More fuel at destination.  Quicker climb over weather.  These are all Tamarack technology benefits.

As we move forward in aviation, there have been a lot of “improvements” that did very little to really change things in any significant way.  By example, we certainly all agree that avionics have evolved substantially in the last 30 years ….  but wait a second…. the 1975 Citation 500 was certified Cat 2 right from the factory, out of the box, standard equipment, ILS approaches to 100 feet height above touchdown.  Autopilot disconnect height was 90 feet.  That is capability that is in not in any of the new airplanes (at least under $10 mil)….  and there are many other examples of “improvements”  that amounted to little substance, or even degradation.

The Tamarack technology is different….  it really changes the airplane in an entirely positive way, and by a large amount …..  without drawbacks, issues, exceptions, circumstances, scenarios ….  it is always making the airplane safer, more comfortable, more capable, more economical, more serviceable, more enjoyable, more valuable….  Anyone using Tamarack technology will receive its substantial performance, economic and safety benefits on every single flight for the life of the airplane.  I am not aware of any technology this good in all of aviation past or present.” 

- Scott Erickson,  CFII, MEI, ATP, EMB-505, LR-JET, LR-60, CE-500, CE-510S, CE-525S, 
CE-560XL, DA-10, DC-9, B-727, B-737/BBJ, CV-A340, CV-A440, AV-L29