"I recently had the pleasure of flying the Tamarack® straight CJ 525, equipped with the company’s Active Winglet technology.

My first experience with winglets goes back to 1992 flying the MD-11, which was the first large jet to use traditional (‘passive’) winglets.’ At that time the MD-11 with winglets had a 2.5% fuel burn advantage over the DC-10, but the real advantage was its enhanced control and stability.

After retiring from FedEx, I became a LOFT flight instructor. I've taught and flown the Citation Jet for the last 2 years. My first flight in the Tamarack® jet, N86LA, really showed the enhanced performance, control and stability. Climbing to FL410 in 31 minutes with a takeoff weight of 10200lb (3220lb of fuel) was amazing. Trying steep turns and maneuvers with the yaw damper off was a real eye opener.  The stats that Tamarack® has on its web page are dead on.

The following day I flew with Nick Guida, Tamarack® President and inventor of the Active Winglet, from Carlsbad, CA (KCRQ) nonstop to Sandpoint, ID (KSZT). The flight took 3hr 14min takeoff to landing and burned only 2100lb of fuel. ATC step climbed us with many low altitude restrictions and delayed turns before turning us north bound and letting us climb to *FL430, and we still made it in 38 minutes. When encountering light turbulence the Active Winglets did their job with no "stick feel."

Tamarack® has done a wonderful job enabling CJ owners and pilots to realize the benefits in all areas of their CJ operations.  They've created quite a gift for all in the CJ community.

Steve Bradley, LOFT Flight Instructor, ATP, CE-525S, CE-500, LR-JET, B727, DC-10, MD-11. CFII, MEI

* (N86LA is able to exceed the maximum altitude because it is in experimental category and exceedance of the limitations is allowed within our Experimental Operating Procedures.)