"A recent flight from Carlsbad to Sandpoint was the first time I flew the ATLAS® -equipped CJ on any kind of a normal or typical point-to-point flight. The airplane flies superbly with the ATLAS®. I frequently encounter airplanes and products that don't quite live up to their manufacturer's claims, but the ATLAS® is everything that Tamarack® claims, and more. 

Unlike the factory CJ, the ATLAS®  CJ smoothly and swiftly climbs to FL410. The stock airplane struggles above 370 at a weight with fuel for a maximum-range trip. The fuel burn claim of "900/600/600/600" is dead on, as we demonstrated on the CRQ-SZT flight. The standard airplane could not have made that flight, and would have had to make an enroute fuel stop. It is worth noting that the flight experienced a 100+ knot direct headwind for the entire flight, and still reached Sandpoint with acceptable reserves for the weather conditions.

And subjectively, there is a smoothness to the feel of the airplane (it's hard to describe) that may be due to a change is in wing loading with the winglets. In any case, it is a more pleasant feel, from a pilot's point of view.

I very much hope that I am able to fly the ATLAS® CJ again, and look forward to the day when all CJs will be ATLAS® -equipped. Once the word gets out, that shouldn't take long."
--- Randall Brink,  ATP, CE-500, CE-510, CE525S, DC-3, 
SA-227, DHC-8, LR-60