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What Our Customers are Saying

CitationJet Pilot Scott Sayre

Scott Sayre shares his Active Winglet experiences.

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Corporate Pilot Lindsey Moreland

Pilot Lindsey Moreland discusses her experiences flying Tamarack Aerospace's Active Winglets.

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Tamarack CJ3 Flies One-Stop Paris, Texas to Paris, France

 (Sandpoint, Idaho, May 20th 2017) -  Tamarack® Aerospace Group, Inc. completed a one-stop Paris, Texas (KPRX) to Paris, France (LFPB) flight in the company’s Active Winglet equipped Cessna Citation CJ3. 

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Ken Wolf

Tamaractivated pilot Ken Wolf talks about everything CJ related, and he sings the praises of his Active Winglets. 

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Brian Rowser KSZT to KFSB

Brian Rowser's first flight in aCJ3 with Active Winglets, "Very Impressive. I don't think the CJ3 I fly would ever have made this flight."

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Justin Ferguson

Believe the hype - it's real!

Fresh from his first CJ test flight, Justin Ferguson shares his thoughts about  the experience.

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It's Not All About Range!

 On video, Harry Hedaya talks with Nick Guida about his first flight in N525HA with Tamarack® Active Winglets.

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Randy Brown's ISA +18 Flight Report

In this video Randy Brown relates his impressions of flying an Active Winglet equipped CJ.

"Got into some turbulence and my wife actually noted the smoother ride (wow) without asking her if she noticed anything different.  These things are sweet."
- Randy Brown

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Shawn D. Mack - Pilot's Report


I recently had the good fortune to fly N122LM one of the Tamarack® modified CJ1+ aircraft with CJP’s membership chairman Steven Foote.  To say I was pleasantly surprised would be a large understatement.
-Shawn Mack, Instructor USAF; approaching 22,000 hours; C501SP, C525, C525A, C525B

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Pablo C. Branco - Pilot's Report

The Active Winglet system is the answer to all of our questions on how to design a 100% optimum winglet design without having to redesign the entire wing structure.
Pablo C. Branco, Goulian Aerosports Team Coordinator

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Tyson Teeter - Pilot's Report

"This was the first “production” CJ with the winglets. On first observation I was encouraged by their design as it seemed to solve the riddle of “what” to do to combat excessive wing loading to an aircraft that was never designed for winglets. The engineering just makes sense. "
- Tyson Teeter / SouthWind Global Aviation, Co-Owner and Operations. 

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Scott Erickson - Pilot's Report

"Anyone using Tamarack® technology will receive its substantial performance, economic and safety benefits on every single flight for the life of the airplane.  I am not aware of any technology this good in all of aviation past or present." 
- Scott Erickson  CFII, MEI, ATP, EMB-505, LR-JET, LR-60, CE-500, CE-510S, CE-525S, CE-560XL, DA-10, DC-9, B-727, B-737/BBJ, CV-A340, CV-A440, AV-L29

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Steve Bradley Pilot's Report

"I recently had the pleasure of flying the Tamarack® straight CJ 525, equipped with the company’s Active Winglet technology.

 Climbing to FL410 in 31 minutes with a takeoff weight of 10200lb (3220lb of fuel) was amazing. Trying steep turns and maneuvers with the yaw damper off was a real eye opener.  The stats that Tamarack® has on its web page are dead on."
Steve Bradley, LOFT Flight Instructor

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John Hammill - Pilot's Report

"I want to thank the Tamarack® Aerospace Group for the opportunity to fly its CJ, equipped with your Active Winglet technology. Without question they exceeded my expectations - which were already high based on your reported data. I would expect Cessna to incorporate your winglets on their entire fleet as quickly as it can be done.” 
--- John Hammill, N300BV, 

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Randall Brink - Pilot's Report

"I frequently encounter airplanes and products that don't quite live up to their manufacturer's claims, but the ATLAS® is everything that Tamarack® claims, and more."
-Randall Brink, ATP, CE-500, CE525S, 

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Noel Yantos - Pilot's Report

"Tamarack® has done an amazing thing. They have opened my eyes to a new aerodynamic possibility and reminded me it’s an exciting time in aviation.  You have to fly it to believe it. I urge you to do just that.” 
--- Noel Yantos, president of LOFT

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Kirby Ortega - Pilot's Report

"To be honest I was never a fan of winglets installed on any Citation including the Citation X. From my experience they just didn't seem to provide much of an advantage for the expense but that scepticism changed one morning in September."
--- Kirby Ortega, Yingling Aviation - Chief Pilot, 

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Gene Tucker - Pilot's Report

"I have been excited about Tamarack® Active Winglets since I first heard about them several years ago. So getting to fly an aircraft with them installed was a real thrill."
- Gene Tucker, LOFT Flight Instructor

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Harry Hedaya - Pilot's Report

 Harry Hedaya reports on his Active Winglet equipped CJ525 â€‹flight to FL410 - "in under 30 minutes (inclusive of a brief hold at 12,000 for ATC), and to my surprise used under 500 pounds of fuel."
---Harry Hedaya, CJP member,525S – ATP, Total Citation Time: 570

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