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Active Winglet / CJ3

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“I have been excited about Tamarack’s Active Winglets since I first heard about them several years ago. So getting to fly an aircraft with them installed was a real thrill.” 

--- Gene Tucker, LOFT Flight Instructor


For Performance / Planning and Approved Flight Manual Supplement
(AFMS) downloads, click here.


  • Reduced time to climb

  • Reduced fuel burn at MMO

  • Max zero fuel weight increase: 400lb

  • Total wingspan

    • OEM: 52 ft 11 in

    • Active Winglet: 59 ft 7 in



Let us unlock the beauty and performance of your jet. Send us your aircraft registration number and we will send you a customized information package on how Active Winglets can transform your flying:



Note: Specifications are based on analysis and real-world test flight data. Due to normal operational factors such as ISA temperature, individual aircraft variances, pilot technique, cruise altitude or ATC routing, Tamarack does not and cannot guarantee the performance of your aircraft.