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Welcome to the Tamarack customer referral Program!

The legal T&Cs are listed on this page, but the basics are as follows:

When you refer an eligible Cessna CitationJet CJ, CJ1, CJ1+, M2, CJ2, CJ2+, CJ3 or CJ3+ aircraft owner to Tamarack and they purchase and install Active Winglets within 90 days, you’ll receive a $2,000 USD referral bonus.

The referral has to be a current eligible aircraft owner and not someone already known to us or our installation partners.

Obviously, terms and conditions apply to this Program and we want to avoid any conflicts of interest, so please read these binding terms and conditions carefully:

The Tamarack Customer Referral Program Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions govern your participation in the Tamarack Customer Referral Program, herein after referred to as “Program” for short. The Program is run by Tamarack Aerospace Group, or “Tamarack”.

The parties referred to below are you (the “Referrer”) and the person you’ve referred (the “Referred Aircraft Owner” or “Owner”).

To be eligible for a referral bonus, you, as a participant in the Program must agree to be bound by the rules described below.

You, the Referrer:

The Referred Aircraft Owner you are referring must meet the following requirements:

Program terms include, but are not limited to:

As a condition of participation in the Program you agree:

Tamarack reserves that right to suspend you as participant from the Program at any time and reserves the right to cancel, modify or suspend the Program at any time.

The Tamarack Customer Referral Form