Good people make good business – that’s a philosophy I live by, and a rule to never forget when building an efficient and invested team. Tamarack has an incredibly unique and spirited company culture unseen among most technology companies, with a long list of quirks and a big personality. Our last decade of work in the aviation sustainability world has been a product of good old-fashioned teamwork and the incredible concept of Active Winglets – but the team within the work is the most critical aspect.  

Let’s look at some of the most effective ways to build a better, stronger team. 

  1. BUILD TEAM VALUES that reflect the integrity you wish to see in your team. 
  • Communicate frequently with your team about goals, important values, and mission statements.  

  • Establish trust from your employees and customers by following through with company values and keeping an open line of communication.  

  • Remember that being is truthful easy in the good times, and essential in the turbulent times.  


  1. DEFINE KEY ROLES, but recognize that any role or employee within a company can evolve.   
  • Don’t just wait for this to happen – cultivate it.  

  • A strong team always sees room for growth and embraces the process. 

  • When your vision benefits others and everyone puts the work in, the result is success. 


  1. CHOOSE PEOPLE WHO WANT TO BE THERE in order to benefit everyone. 
  • Put the right team leaders in place who help nurture the company environment in a healthy way. 

  •  Understand your team by getting to know them and engaging with them.  


  1. SET THE COURSE and be willing to make course corrections. 
  • When operating within a team always keep the main goal, vision, mission statement, and timeline in mind.  

  • Celebrate success and failure for how they have benefitted your goal. 

  • “Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm. 

  • Acknowledge and reward your victories! 


  1. BE A THOUGHTFUL LEADER when making decisions. 
  • Listen to feedback to be open to new ideas; show trust in your team. 

  • Remember to follow your best instincts rather than your ego when making decisions.  


  1. BE AWARE OF HOW YOU AND YOUR TEAM WORK, both independently and together.  
  • Encourage balance between work and personal time, expressing the importance of recharging our batteries.  

  • If working under pressure or a deadline, work with your team to help block out the “noise” and focus on our goals.