Tamarack Active Winglets provide value and advantages in many areas including increased safety, fewer stops, improved comfort, reduced carbon footprint and much more. Calculating Return on Investment (ROI) is a multi-dimensional and very personal equation. Because Active Winglets provide a range of benefits that reduce operational costs, all the different factors need to be taken into account.

There are three main categories to consider:

Aircraft Valuation – The aircraft valuation company VREF has put a 100% return on the investment in Active Winglets. This is supported by feedback from Tamarack customers who have told us that the value of their aircraft increased with the addition of the Active Winglets. This is quite a contrast to so many other purchases that start to depreciate immediately, such as upgrades to the interior of a plane or new Wi-Fi technology.

Fuel Savings – Cessna CitationJet owners have reported a fuel savings of up to 33% with Active Winglets. One Tamarack customer who logs an average of 200 flight hours per year has reported an annual savings of $41,600 in fuel costs alone. Using this example and based on 200 hours of annual flying, the investment in Tamarack Active Winglets is recouped in fuel savings alone in approximately 3.6 years’ time. For 400 hours of annual flying, the investment is recouped in just 1.3 years. This isn’t factoring in the benefits to the planet for lower C02 emissions.

Improved Safety, Utility and Comfort – Active Winglets improve safety via much better climb gradients, greater flight stability, and a smoother ride for passengers. When determining ROI, owners need to account for the value of Active Winglets with the same calculations they would use for another purchase that made flying safer, such as a bigger oxygen tank or upgraded avionics. But then also factor in being able to take off with an additional 500 to 1,000 lbs. in payload, being able to turn a three-hour flight into a four-hour flight using the same amount of fuel, landing with extra fuel as a safety margin or avoiding a fuel stop all together. What are these worth? Plus, there are intangible benefits like happier passengers because of less turbulence when you fly and the updated modern look your jet will have with Active Winglets installed.


Final Thoughts

To determine true ROI, owners need to determine what are priorities for them and what their usage patterns look like. What is definite, though, is that the ROI for Active Winglets will be higher than for outdated passive winglets. Active Winglets are the latest in aviation technology and the single largest environmental upgrade available for any business jet. We all know the safety that comes with having the latest in technology, and the  long-lasting importance of reducing our impact on the planet.

Active Winglets provide increased value that ROI is not only a Return on Investment, but also a Realization of Innovation. Tamarack offers ROI2.