Tamarack is launching a temporary program in response to the economic impact this pandemic is having on the aerospace industry. This pandemic negatively impacted many lives. The personal loss is tragic and, making matters worse, the economic strain compounds the situation.

Carefully considering current market conditions, Tamarack Aerospace is responding with special pricing for our Active Winglets. We view this as our economic contribution to the state of the aerospace industry, and to ensure our employees and supply chain stay strong while providing added economic resilience and safety margin in your operations.

With this in mind, we are waiving the $42,000 installation fee for our winglets until the end of June 2020. We are limited only by our production and installation capacity and this is only a temporary adjustment. New Pricing for Tamarack installs in Idaho through June 30, 2020.

To secure this pricing, the following terms apply:

• A refundable deposit of $100,000 is required to secure an installation slot, and the balance is due when the installation is complete.

• Winglet installation must start before July 1, 2020.

• This is a “first come, first served” offer, as slots are limited by capacity.

If you would like to take a demo flight, or just get more information about how our winglets will provide value to your operation please call us at: 208-255-4400