Active Winglet Business Grows Offering Dramatically More Sustainable Flight

Tamarack Aerospace Group, Inc. announced today that the U.S. Bankruptcy Court of the Eastern District of Washington has approved the company’s Chapter 11 Disclosure Statement, which outlines its plan to pay back all debtors as it emerges from bankruptcy. Tamarack is rebounding from a false incident report last spring that led to the brief grounding of its Cessna Citation Jet fleet equipped with Active Winglets.

Tamarack voluntarily went into Chapter 11 reorganization in June 2019 and expects to come out of the bankruptcy by early spring of 2020, an unusually short time for this kind of reorganization process.

“This court approval and our continued sales of the Active Winglets are a testament to the financial health of Tamarack, the robustness of our product, and our commitment to our customers, vendors, and investors,” said Tamarack President Jacob Klinginsmith.

The revolutionary ATLAS® Active Winglet system automatically adjusts to changing flight conditions. Tamarack’s Active Winglets instantly react to load which enables tremendously higher aerodynamic benefits of wingtip modifications than before.

“Tamarack always has our eye fixed on the future to equip a fast-growing fleet of all kinds of business, commercial and military airframes. Our Active Winglets save substantial fuel and reduce the carbon footprint - many times more than the now obsolete passive winglets” said Tamarack Founder and CEO Nick Guida who has been growing back staff as installations continue and service center numbers increase during this deliberate Chapter 11 process.

About Tamarack Aerospace Group

Tamarack Aerospace Group has revolutionized aftermarket winglets with its ATLAS® Active Winglet technology. Until now, winglets have typically only delivered marginal performance benefits, with all traditional winglets facing the same dilemma: the increase in load requires structural reinforcement of the wing, increasing the aircraft’s weight and thus decreasing the winglets’ benefits. Tamarack has solved this ‘winglet conundrum’ using load alleviation. The ground-breaking ATLAS® technology also enables a wing extension, which, when combined with Tamarack’s powerful winglets are truly transformative to the airframe.

ATLAS® Active Winglets typically deliver the following benefits: double-digit fuel savings, payload increase, significant range increase, outstanding climb performance, ride smoothing, increased structural life and increased safety and stability. Structural reinforcement is not required, making Active Winglets lightweight, quick and easy to install.