Tamarack Aerospace is pleased to announce that the Active Winglet installation on tail number N44VS will be completed by mid-August, says Tamarack President Jacob Klinginsmith. The aircraft owner is 30 year pilot J. Wickham Zimmerman, CEO and co-founder of Outside the Lines in Orange County, California. This is the first installation to be completed following the recent regulatory review by EASA and the FAA.  

Zimmerman says, “The regulatory delays have been a challenge, but nothing could shatter my enthusiasm for this great system and innovative technology. I’m happy to be first in line for installation.” 

“I fly a CJ1 across the country for business, volunteer work and pleasure,” says Zimmerman. “It’s been a great aircraft, but I need more range and increased payload. Adding Tamarack Active Winglets is like getting the capability of another aircraft for a fraction of the cost.” 

Zimmerman says that some of his cross-country flights have required more than one stop, which is expensive and time consuming. With Active Winglets, he expects to all but eliminate those extra fuel stops. 

He says that Active Winglets also make a dramatic difference getting into and out of places that are high and hot, like Salt Lake City. “The take off and climb is a game-changer. With Tamarack Winglets, we went straight up to 40000 in just under 26 minutes. We were still climbing at 500+ ft a minute when we leveled off. You could hear the controllers gasping.”  

“The smooth ride, fuel savings and speed are all great selling points. It looks cool too, which doesn’t hurt.” 

Safety is a top concern, and Zimmerman, who is a structural and geotechnical engineer himself, feels very comfortable with the engineering behind Tamarack Active Winglets. “Before I made my decision, I made the time to talk to a few pilots that I knew and respected about the Winglets. They felt the same way I did, very hip on the tech, great for my plane. I’ve studied the technology, and it’s innovative and sound. And, I have great respect for Nick and all the staff at Tamarack.” On that topic, Nick Guida, Tamarack, Founder, CEO said “The fact that the resolution to the AD was incorporating the preexisting Service Bulletins (SB) we provided to customers at no cost starting 18 months ago, is an example of our commitment to safety and our customers.”

“I am not concerned about inaccurate and overblown media reports,” Zimmerman says. “I do my own homework. I know some recent media was overhyped, but this technology is not.”

Zimmerman suggests that anyone considering Tamarack Active Winglets talk to pilots who are familiar with the technology, and to take advantage of a test flight. “I’m happy to take up anyone in my area and show them what the excitement is all about,” Zimmerman says. “I haven’t talked to any pilot that has them who is anything less than ecstatic.”