Active Winglets Upgrade for CitationJets Now 
Available at Guernsey Airport in Channel Islands UK

Tamarack Aerospace Group announced today that it has approved Aircraft Servicing Guernsey Limited (ASG), based at Guernsey Airport in the Channel Islands, as an authorized installer of its ATLAS ® Active Winglets for the Cessna CitationJet business aircraft.

Brian Cox, President of Tamarack Aerospace, said “ASG has been a preferred maintainer of business aircraft since 1990 and we are excited that customers in Europe can now bring their aircraft to this world-class facility for their Active Winglet upgrade. Due to the broad range of aircraft services that ASG offers, including avionics, engine servicing or required inspections, customers can accomplish an Active Winglet upgrade for their CitationJet at the same time that they are performing other work on the aircraft, which minimizes overall installation downtime.”

Steve Page, Chief Executive Officer of ASG, said “We’re excited to now be an authorized installer for Tamarack’s Active Winglets. It’s a high-quality product that is far easier to install than traditional passive winglets because there is no structural reinforcement required in the wing. That significantly reduces the duration and complexity of the installation. We have many CitationJet customers looking to enhance the performance and beauty of their jets, and we look forward to demonstrating this product to them. ASG is uniquely positioned in the VAT-free Channel Islands to offer this exciting upgrade to an aircraft which already represents remarkable capabilities and value.”

Tamarack Active Winglets are the only aerodynamic technology on the market today that can reduce time to climb and fuel burn, while increasing range and aircraft stability, without any structural reinforcement, yielding significant time and cost savings. Tamarack Active Winglets are approved via EASA, FAA, ANAC Brazil, DGAC Mexico and Transport Canada Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) for installation on the Cessna CJ, CJ1, CJ1+, M2, CJ2, CJ2+, CJ3 and CJ3+ business jets.

The operational benefits that owners will typically see with an Active Winglet equipped aircraft are:

  • Maximum Zero Fuel Weight increase.
  • Reduced time to climb to cruise altitude.
  • Significant increase in range at slightly reduced speeds
  • Enhanced climb gradient and OEI performance.
  • Improved hot/high performance.
  • Ride smoothing and stability.
  • Upgraded LED navigation & anti-collision lighting.
  • Ramp appeal and aircraft resale value.


About Tamarack Aerospace Group
Idaho-based Tamarack Aerospace Group invented and patented the revolutionary ATLAS ® Active Winglet system. The Active Winglet system is comprised of a wing tip extension, a highly tuned winglet, wing loading sensors and a moveable load alleviation surface. The fully autonomous, fail-passive, load alleviation system counteracts gust or maneuver induced wing loading. Tamarack’s certified Active Winglets for Cessna CitationJet C525, C525A and C525B provide greater efficiency, without the weight penalty of structural reinforcement required by passive winglets, and typically provide better fuel economy, performance gains and increased asset value.

About ASG
ASG was founded in 1990 by three local aircraft engineers to provide aircraft maintenance services to locally based aircraft owners. From modest beginnings in rented accommodation, it is has developed into a full service FBO on the island of Guernsey in the Channel Islands. With 41,000 sq. ft. of hangar space, ASG is a thriving business providing business and general aviation maintenance, executive ground handling and expertise in buying and selling business aircraft. ASG is a subsidiary of Pula Aviation Services Limited which is led by CEO Steve Page. ASG now operates alongside Bristol based Centreline, also a Pula Aviation Services Limited business and through pooling the knowledge, expertise and operational fit of ASG and Centreline much more is on offer to customers.