JetAVIVA is now an authorized sales representative for Tamarack Active Winglets


Citation Jet Pilots Convention, Phoenix, AZ, October 4th, 2017

Tamarack Aerospace Group and jetAVIVA jointly announced today at the annual Citation Jet Pilots’ convention a new agreement through which jetAVIVA is now an authorized sales representative for Tamarack’s ATLAS Active Winglets.

 Tamarack Active Winglets are the only aerodynamic technology on the market today that can reduce time to climb and fuel burn, while increasing range and aircraft stability, without any structural reinforcement, yielding significant time and cost savings. Tamarack Active Winglets are approved via EASA and FAA Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) for installation on the Cessna CJ, CJ1, CJ1+ and M2 business jets. Certifications pending on the CJ2/CJ2+ and CJ3/3+ are projected for 1Q18.

“We are excited to work with jetAVIVA’s sales and marketing team and believe that this is a natural fit for our customers” said Nick Guida, Founder and CEO of Tamarack Aerospace. “jetAVIVA has always understood the performance, visual and value enhancements that Tamarack Active Winglets add to a jet, making jetAVIVA an excellent partner in communicating the Active Winglet story.”

Justin Ryan, President of Tamarack Aerospace, added “as one of the largest independent resellers of turbine aircraft in the world, jetAVIVA is a natural value add partner to help more aircraft owners experience ATLAS winglets. jetAVIVA will represent an enhanced sales channel for us. Their knowledge of the light jet community in particular is going to help us put together the best possible Active Winglet programs for those owners.”

“Tamarack and jetAVIVA have similar stories,” said Cyrus Sigari, co-founder and CEO of jetAVIVA. “We’re both agile, disruptive and highly focused on providing the best possible jet ownership experience for our customers. Active Winglets are a modification that enhances aircraft value, and differentiates it from other aircraft on offer, so we are delighted to be working more closely with Tamarack. For light jet owners, Active Winglets will be a game changer and we are excited to begin formally helping owners enhance their ownership experience through this innovative technology.”

About Tamarack Aerospace:

Idaho based Tamarack Aerospace Group Inc. invented and patented the revolutionary Active Winglet system. Tamarack’s certified Active Winglets are three to four times more efficient than passive (traditional) winglets. The Active Winglet system typically provides a reduction in fuel burn, performance gains and increased asset value. The Active Winglet system is comprised of a wing tip extension, a highly tuned winglet, and load alleviation technology. The load alleviation system counteracts gust or maneuver wing loading events and eliminates the heavy wing reinforcement and structural additions required by all passive winglets.

About jetAVIVA:

Founded in 2006, jetAVIVA has been a pioneer in helping people enter the world of jet ownership. With over 2,000 clients in 40 countries, jetAVIVA currently holds the market leading position in the pre-flown Cessna Citation and Embraer Executive jet markets. With the acquisition of Jet Quest, jetAVIVA’s geographic footprint expands to include offices in Kansas City, KS; Georgetown, TX; Los Angeles, CA; New York, NY; Denver, CO; Atlanta, GA; and Madison, WI.

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