In the video below, Randy Brown relates his impressions of flying an Active Winglet equipped CJ at ISA +18, to Tamarack’s demo pilot, Dan Carroll.

Randy sent this email to Tamarack after flying from Page Municipal Airport, AZ to Rick Husband Amarillo International Airport, TX.

“Just a note to touch base with you to let you know how the flight back to Amarillo went after the install.  KPGA to KAMA we got to 41000 in about 34 mins.  Had to expedite climb for traffic at 37000 so ATC asked if we could get from 33000 to 38000 in 8 mins. We did that with 1 ½ mins to spare! This was an above ISA day. Density alt was around 43000. Did our normal fuel burn planning  estimating that we would land with 1000lbs of fuel. We actually landed with 1300lbs!  Looks to saved us around 27% on the fuel.  Got into some turbulence and my wife actually noted the smoother ride (wow) without asking her if she noticed anything different.  These things are sweet.”

Have a great day  -  Randy