N52ET, Tamarack’s CJ3 Active Winglet testbed recently made the 1,269nm flight from Sandpoint, ID (KSZT) to San Angelo, TX (KSJT), in just 3hr. 14min.

The pilot reported that the winglets’ performance was, “Everything I expected!”

The pilot’s notes:

Fl 30 in 8.5 minutes

Fl 40 in 15

45 in 22.5

7 minutes to accelerate from .59 Mach to .73 or 406 knots

Zero wind range was 2100nm with 800 reserve

Zero isa temp two pilots and a hundred pounds of cargo, full fuel

This jet was a reliable 1750-range-at-max-cruise aircraft.

It’s now a reliable 2100-range jet.

The CJ3 Active Winglet project is on schedule for EASA certification in Q3 of 2017!