Tamarack’s CJ3, N52ET, Sucessfully Completes Flutter Flight Tests in Waco, Texas

(L to R) Al Maxwell, Hal Gates, Nick Guida, Ralph Rissmiller, Michele Castellani, Tomasz Seibert

Tamarack’s flight test team successfully completed each of the test cards for the flutter flights, and did so faster than planed. Flight test engineer Hal Gates, commented, “Flight testing went very smoothly, with no surprises. All the data is consistently positive, and all in line with expectations. I’ve been very happy with the flight tests on this airplane, and especially this latest set.” N52ET and crew returned from Waco. Texas, where they had repositioned for weather reasons after just 2 and half days of test flights. The CJ3 Active Winglet certification program continues to be ahead of schedule and under budget. Certification is expected in October of this year. 

The Tamarack Team especially appreciates the excellent ground support provided by Al Maxwell and his team at JetPro Texas KPWG.