Tamarack’s CJ3, N52ET, repositions to Waco, Texas for Flutter Test Flights.

(L to R) Nick Guida, Hal Gates, Tomasz Siebert

Tamarack Aerospace’s CJ3 & CJ3+ Active Winglet certification proceeds on schedule.

Nick Guida, President of Tamarack, Hal Gates, Flight Test Engineer, and Tomasz Siebert, Flutter Engineer, prepare to depart Coeur d’Alene, ID (KCOE) for Waco, Texas (KPWG) and warmer climes. The Idaho team will meet up with Tamarack engineer, Michele Castellani for the remainder of the Flutter Test Flight portion of the Citation 525B certification program. Following the Flutter Test Flights, Tamarack engineers will complete the project’s loads analysis reports and move onto Static Testing.