For The Last 3 Years We Averaged 100GPH

Here are the Videos & Stills From Just One Flight

(We average 700 lb of fuel the first hour, and 600 lb each hour after that)

This flight is from Sandpoint, ID (KSZT), to Carlsbad, CA (KCRQ).

The duration from takeoff to landing was 3:15 (913 nm direct but ATC made me fly 952 nm around the MOAs), during which our ATLAS™ equipped CJwith Active Winglets burned less than 2000 lb of fuel! Now it’s normal for me to see this type of performance, because over the past 4 years of flying  400+ hours  – I average 100 gph block fuel burn day in and day out on normal aircraft operations. For the record, for normal operations, I always fly MCP N1 climb and cruise settings. As a rule, I normally descend at 3000 fpm unless ATC forces me down early.

On this particular flight the temps were 20 deg C at KCRQ on the ground, and on the high side at altitude with a RAT of -38 at FL410.  For fuel, the line guy got me a bit unbalanced on the right wing.  I asked for “fill to the bottom of the filler necks” but ended up with a bit more than 3220 lb, closer to 3270 lb at startup.  With all the computers and instrumentation on N86LA, our empty weight is 6513 lb.  Our takeoff weight was about 10,243 lb.  Of course our Dewetron data acquisition unit was recording the entire flight. The Dewetron stores immense amounts of data on all the flight parameters at a rate of up to 15 gigs per hour! We did not have the Go-Pro installed on this flight, so I took video and stills with my phone. While you are looking at the pictures and videos below, please don’t get distracted with the INOP AOA.  Everyone wants to know what AOA the meter shows and it didn’t cooperate that day.  AOA/Shaker passed rotary test but then didn’t work in flight.  We reset the cannon plug and it is working now.  Additionally, the second DG was INOP and is being fixed now. I pushed the clock reset at takeoff.

A couple of high points… FL380 in 23 minutes!  Check out the sustained rate of climb of 600 fpm between FL400 and FL410 after I asked for wrong way FL410. Best rate is about 130 kias at that weight and altitude.  The aircraft accelerates to 162 kias in about 9 minutes. After an hour of MCP N1, I still have 2600 lb of fuel.  The whole time at FL410 we burned about 590 pph. This is a very consistent with the results I have had for the past 2 years during which I averaged about 580 pph at 100.5% at FL410. At 2 hours, 2000 lb of fuel remain.  At 2:55 I have 1400 lb on board. Taxing to hangar in KSZT , I still had 1250 lb after 3:15 of MCP N1 settings the whole flight (except for decent).

Where could you go?