“I have had the pleasure of Flying Tamarack’s Active Winglet-equipped Citation Jet.  I think we all come to an idea like this with some skepticism. Having taught and flown the Citation Jet for the last 10 years, I had a healthy dose. I was simply amazed at the performance. From the moment of rotation you can instantly notice a substantial difference. The airplane literally jumps from the runway and climbs at max gross weight with no hint of slowing down. I have never seen a straight CJ climb and accelerate at the same time. That is usually reserved for its bigger brothers- the CJ3 and CJ4. 

I can only begin to imagine what Active Winglets will do for those aircraft. As the flight continued, I noticed that it would carve through the air in a steep turn with an increase in stability I had not felt before.  In turbulence you could look out the window and see the Active Winglets doing their job with no “stick feel” whatsoever. Tamarack has done an amazing thing. They have opened my eyes to a new aerodynamic possibility and reminded me it’s an exciting time in aviation.  You have to fly it to believe it. I urge you to do just that.” 

—- Noel Yantos, president of LOFT