Sandpoint, Idaho (May 3, 2016) — The first-ever European customer installation of Tamarack’s ATLAS™ Active Winglet system concluded on April 29. The installation on a Cessna Citation CJ aircraft HB-VPF, operated by private hire company JetPingu, took place at Textron Aviation’s Service Center in Zurich, and took approximately 400 man hours to install. Tamarack’s Active Winglets do not require wing reinforcement, so the installation time is substantially less than a traditional Passive Winglet installation.

As JetPingu pilot Hugo Dobler explains,

“We selected Tamarack Active Winglets because of the significant fuel savings and the increase in value for the aircraft. In addition, the extended range will allow us to offer our guests many more destinations beyond our current threeÔÇÉhour limit. I am really looking forward to my first flight with winglets.”

After his first flight, Pilot Dobler said,

“I just landed on my 2,952-foot home base runway for the first time with the new winglets. The jet flies stable like a plough. It is impressive to see the TACS working in turbulent conditions. It had remarkably better climb performance and was easy to flare with lower Vref! Overall, it was a great experience with the new winglets! Well done!”

Nick Guida, ATLAS™ Active Winglet inventor and founder of Tamarack Aerospace Group, was in Zurich to witness the installation.

“Today we installed the world’s most efficient winglets on a customer’s aircraft. This is a very exciting milestone for everyone at Tamarack Aerospace, and another step toward redefining aircraft performance and efficiency through disruptive technology and innovation.”

ATLAS™ Active Winglets are certified in Europe for the CJ, CJ1 & CJ1+ aircraft with FAA certification expected in summer 2016. They can be fitted at any approved Textron Aviation Service Center. Visit CESSNA for more information.