SANDPOINT, Idaho - The first customer installation of Tamarack Aerospace’s ATLAS™ Active Winglet system began on April 5th, 2016, on a Cessna Citation CJ aircraft owned by Swiss businessman Pierre Baudere. The installation, which is taking place at Textron Aviation’s Service Center in Zurich, will take less than three weeks, thanks to the fact that Tamarack’s Active Winglets do not require wing reinforcement - as well as improving their efficiency, this also substantially reduces the installation time compared to a similar ‘passive winglet’.

Mr.Baudere’s company JetPingu, which offers private jet travel from Switzerland to various destinations throughout Europe, explains, ‘I first heard about Tamarack’s Active Winglets via another of its customers, which prompted me to check the performance charts on Tamarack’s website. I was amazed by the improvements; the new winglets will significantly reduce our fuel bills and the range increase will enable JetPingu to offer our customers many more destinations beyond our current three-hour limit.’

Nick Guida, inventor and founder of Tamarack Aerospace Group, was in Zurich to witness the first installation. ‘This is a very exciting milestone for everyone at Tamarack Aerospace who has worked so hard, and today we are installing the world’s most efficient winglets on a customer aircraft. This is another step towards achieving our goal of creating a more sustainable aviation industry using our ATLAS™ technology which transforms the fuel efficiency of new and existing aircraft in quick and cost effective way.’

Active Winglets are certified in Europe for the CJ, CJ1 & CJ1+ aircraft with FAA certification expected in the summer of 2016. They can be fitted at any approved Textron Aviation Service Center.

Tamarack Aerospace Group

Tamarack Aerospace has certified the next generation of winglets that deliver a substantial reduction in block fuel burn. The patented design, ‘Active Technology Load Alleviation System’ or ATLAS™, is made up of a wing tip extension, a highly tuned winglet, and a load alleviation system that counteracts the additional loads induced by the winglet in rare peak-loading events such as a gust or manoeuvre. This means that heavy wing reinforcement is not required, thus increasing efficiency, significantly reducing retrofit times, and allowing installation on any aircraft type

In 2013, Tamarack flew 1,853nm in a Cessna CJ using ATLAS™ Active Winglets – an (unofficial) world record for distance flown in this category of aircraft.