SANDPOINT, Idaho - For the first time in aviation history Tamarack is offering a no-compromise winglet which, without the need for structural wing reinforcement, is the most efficient winglet ever produced. Tamarack’s ‘Active Winglets’ are now certified for use on Cessna Citation 525 models, reducing the fuel burn of these aircraft by a massive 25 per cent!

Adding winglets increases wing loads, which until now has meant that large compromises were needed, significantly reducing the efficiency of the winglet. Tamarack’s elegant solution makes maximum use of the existing structural strength of the wing and overcomes the load issue via an Active Load Alleviation System (ATLAS). Rapidly activating a small lift-dumping spoiler (installed on the horizontal section just inboard of the winglet) during infrequent high wing-loading events such as a gust or manoeuvre, Active Winglets return the wing, aerodynamically, back to its original (pre-winglet) loading for that moment in time. The rest of the time, i.e. flying at 1g, the wing is able to withstand the higher wing loading through its original design.

The list of benefits of Active Winglets is long; no unnecessary weight increase as there is no structural wing reinforcement required, no requirement to detune the winglets in order to minimise reinforcement, no loss of fatigue life. Installation time is dramatically reduced as is the time to certification. Additionally with some slight tuning of the load alleviation system we can also increase fatigue life and gross weight.

Founder of Tamarack and the inventor of the active winglets, Nick Guida says, ‘We are very excited to have our Active Winglets certified. This is the result of much hard work and effort by the team at Tamarack. However this is just the begging for us, I am confident that Active Winglets are game changing technology for the aviation industry as they provide higher efficiency gains than ever thought possible with winglets and can be retrofitted to any aircraft type. This means we don’t have to wait 15 – 20 years for older aircraft to be replaced by newer more fuel efficient ones. Any aircraft flying today can be fitted with active winglets and can benefit from double digit fuel efficiency improvements, we can even make the newer aircraft more efficient. This will save operators many millions of dollars’ in fuel costs and reduce the impact aviation is having on the environment through reduced carbon emissions. We believe Active Winglets with load alleviation is the biggest innovation in winglet design since their conception and hence are calling it ‘winglet 2.0’. We are not stopping there we are already working on ‘winglet 3.0’ and enhancing the design further with even more innovation which will deliver a another step change in efficiency.’

Tamarack has reached the significant milestone of having an approved STC for active winglets on a Cessna Citation which establishes the path to certification. The same concept and technology can be applied to any aircraft.