JOHN HAMMILL in the Tamarack® modified CJ, Climbs to FL 400 in 20 Minutes

"I want to thank the Tamarack® Aerospace Group for the opportunity to fly its CJ, equipped with your Active Winglet technology. Without question they exceeded my expectations - which were already high based on your reported data. I would expect Cessna to incorporate your winglets on their entire fleet as quickly as it can be done. Your Active Winglets will be a huge marketing advantage for them. Climbing to FL 400 and maintaining 1000 ft. per minute climb though the last 1000 ft. of climb was most impressive. In my CJ1, I fly in the FL 390 – 410 range quite often and normally take 40 - 45 minutes to get there, usually requiring an intermediate stop for a couple of minutes along the way. 

Another observation; after reaching FL 400, the aircraft accelerated to cruise much quicker than I experience in my plane. In addition, when I disconnected the autopilot, I was very impressed with the responsiveness of the controls and the stability of the plane. In my opinion the plane is also a much improved instrument platform when hand flying in the landing configuration. Please do not hesitate to use me as a reference to anyone considering your winglets. I am certainly looking forward to getting my plane retrofitted as soon as possible."

--- John Hammill,  N300BV