"I have been excited about Tamarack® Active Winglets since I first heard about them several years ago. So getting to fly an aircraft with them installed was a real thrill.

Having been an aero engineering student in college, I understood the theory behind the technology.  And as an airline pilot most of my career; I saw the difference winglets produced for the airlines in person.  Our company said they saved 3 to 5% in climb and cruise – producing enough saving for them to pay for themselves in a little over a year.

So when I heard that Nick and the crew at Tamarack® Aerospace were introducing Active Winglets to the biz jet world, I knew it was going to be a game changer for the CJ world.

Want more range, but don’t want to buy a bigger model…..

Want to spend less on fuel and reduce your cycles……

Want better field performance…. Then this may be the product for you.

I had the pleasure of flying an ATLAS® equipped CJ in late November 2015.  Right from liftoff, I could feel a difference.  More stability, less tail “wiggle” but still good acceleration and climb performance.  Using the climb profile straight out of the manual, we were at FL400 in less than 30 minutes with a fuel burn of 450#.  As an aside, when we first contacted SoCa departure and asked for an unrestricted climb, the controller’s response was “ain’t no way that’s going to happen”.  Fortunately other controllers were more helpful.  So we only lost a few minutes being restricted in our climb.

At altitude, I was once again impressed with the jet’s stability and controllability.  With the auto pilot and yaw damper off, turns were smooth and predictable.   Although we didn’t have any numbers to back it up, the descent felt more “glider” like.  I had to double check our descent profile to insure we made our crossing restrictions.

For me, the landing pattern is where this airplane shined.  The handling qualities were excellent.  It trimmed up beautifully, (virtually “hands off”).   Most CJ’s are comfortable at Ref + 10 kts.  Not this one, it was stable and comfortable at Ref.  So, making a nice touchdown and still making landing numbers was a cinch.  Thanks again Tamarack® Aerospace, I’m looking forward to flying more models with the winglets installed."
---Gene Tucker
LOFT Flight Instructor
BS & MS Aero