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Active Winglet / CJ3+

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“I frequently encounter airplanes and products that don’t quite live up to their manufacturer’s claims, but the ATLAS® is everything that Tamarack claims, and more.”

---Randall Brink, ATP, CE-500, CE525S, 

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The 525B Active Winglet Explanation


Fly More Comfortably

  • Aesthetic Appeal (these things look great)

  • Ride Smoothing during turbulence

  • Environmentally Friendly

  • Fly higher

    • Higher Initial Climb Altitude (get over the weather faster)

    • Smoother air generally

    • Less headwind generally

    • Less traffic, ATC holds, and rerouting

Fly More Economically

  • Less wear and tear on brakes, landing gear and tires

  • Resale Value (Vref estimates 100% return of value)

  • Lower approach power settings

  • More payload available with 400 lb MZFW increase

Fly Safer

  • Safer Takeoff & Landings

    • Slower speeds

    • Less energy

    • Runway length margin

  • Fly at higher altitudes

    • Get to Altitude faster

    • Less Traffic

    • Less weather

    • Get over weather faster

    • Driftdown altitudes are several thousand feet higher

  • Higher OEI climb performance

    • Increase safety margin departing Aspen and Telluride all year around

    • Increase safety margin year-round, but especially on hot days

  • Increased Stability

    • Like another yaw damper

    • High Altitude with INOP autopilot is not an event anymore

    • Rock Solid approaches and landings

  • Structural Envelope Protection with ATLAS® (protects from wing overloading)

Fly with more Utility and now possible to repurpose aircraft

  • MZFW increase (400 lb)

  • Shorter Runways

  • Hotter Conditions

  • Higher Airfields

  • Better High/Hot Performance (WAT)

  • Higher Initial Climb Altitudes


Total wingspan

  • OEM: 52 ft 11 in

  • Active Winglet: 59 ft 7 in

Note: Specifications are based on analysis and real-world test flight data. Due to normal operational factors such as ISA temperature, individual aircraft variances, pilot technique, cruise altitude or ATC routing, Tamarack does not and cannot guarantee the performance of your aircraft.

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