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Nicholas Guida

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Nicholas Guida

Chief Executive Officer / Founder / Chairman of the Board
Mr. Guida has a Bachelor’s Degree in Aerospace Engineering from Georgia Tech University.

Mr. Guida is an aerospace engineer with over 30 years of applied experience in the development of certified aerospace products.

For many years Mr. Guida held a Designated Engineering Representative (DER) appointment from the Federal Aviation Administration with the unique skill-sets of being authorized to show compliance in four separate areas of engineering (Structures, Loads, Damage Tolerance, and Fatigue). Mr. Guida was delegated by the FAA to create and review engineering for new and aftermarket airplane products, including aftermarket passive winglets.

Mr. Guida’s extensive aerospace experience was earned through positions of increasing responsibility with several major OEMs including Boeing, Pilatus, Aviat, Eclipse, and Quest Aircraft Companies. He founded his own consulting company in 2004 where he brought his expertise and DER certifications to projects with Spectrum, Raytheon, SNC, API, Falcon, Hawker Beech, and more. Mr. Guida founded Tamarack Aerospace group in 2010 based on the invention of the Active Winglet.

Mr. Guida also enjoys skydiving, sailing, inventing and has competed in aerobatics. Mr. Guida holds single pilot type ratings for the CJ525 and Phenom 100 aircraft and performs much of the flight testing for Tamarack.

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