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Jacob Klinginsmith

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Jacob Klinginsmith

Vice President, Chief Engineer
Mr. Klinginsmith has a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from University of Idaho.

Mr. Klinginsmith joined Tamarack Aerospace in July of 2010 and has over 11 years of aircraft certification experience. His involvement in aerospace product development, design, loads, fatigue, and ground testing, along with his skills as an overall generalist in aircraft design and construction, allow him to provide leadership, consistency, and the attention to detail required by this role. He has become a systems safety and reliability expert and is able to manage this role’s complex array of conflicting requirements while ensuring the maintenance of operational and cost efficiencies. Mr. Klinginsmith has the responsibility of managing the hired consultants by scheduling and monitoring their progress. Prior to the Company he was instrumental in the fatigue testing of the Quest Kodiak and other certification activities.