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Jacob Klinginsmith

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Jacob Klinginsmith

Mr. Klinginsmith graduated from University of Idaho in 2005 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Mr. Klinginsmith joined Tamarack Aerospace Group in 2010 and has been heavily involved with the development and certification of the ATLAS™ load alleviation system from the earliest stages. Mr. Klinginsmith has served as Chief Engineer through most of his time with Tamarack, taking a hands-on approach in overseeing the EASA and FAA certification of Active Winglets and leading the outstanding team of engineers that made Active Winglets a reality.

Jacob recently moved into the role of President having extensive knowledge of the aviation industry and the mission, vision, and values core to Tamarack. His background in aircraft design and certification allow him to provide leadership with an eye for continuous improvement and future products that will continue to transform the aviation industry.

Prior to working with Tamarack Mr. Klinginsmith was an engineer at Quest Aircraft during certification and early production of the Kodiak 100 aircraft. Joining Quest prior to certification of the Kodiak 100 afforded unique opportunities ranging from full scale structural testing to conducting the first aircraft level system safety assessments.

Jacob has been an active member in the ASTM Structures working group and GAMA Technical Policy Committee, offering input from his diverse engineering background and strong knowledge of FAA and EASA certification.