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Danny Hiner

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Danny Hiner


Mr. Hiner has over 31 years of experience in the aerospace industry and Part 21 FAA. He is an experienced manager with exceptional project management skills. He possesses excellent communications skills and communicates as effectively with the shop floor as he does with the executive suite. Mr. Hiner has a thorough understanding of inventory and budget control and is a cross-disciplined team manager. Mr. Hiner spent 19 years at Aviat Aircraft where he served as Vice President of Operations followed by 10 years of service as Production Manager at Quest Aviation, Inc.

During his career, Mr. Hiner helped shepherd two clean sheet aircraft designs from concept to market. He has also played key roles in the introduction of several other new aircraft model designs, managing the projects from concept, through production, onto market. During those times, as a member of the leadership team, he consistently met production and schedule deadlines. For 10 years, Mr. Hiner managed the Engineering, Quality, and Production departments through design, prototype, certification, production, and delivery of the Kodiak 100 for Quest Aircraft Company.