Application Deadline: Friday, February 28, 2020 at 11:59 pm PST

Please send your resume and cover letter, to include responses to the two questions, to the following mailbox:


You might be Tamarack intern material if:

You want to be challenged every day

You live for the innovation and have passion for aerospace

You stay until the task gets done - not until the clock says you can go

You get frustrated with repetitive tasks and have the urge to write a script to automate it

You enjoy feeling like part of a family at work - not a cog in the machine

You’re looking to learn as much over a summer as you would in a whole school year

You aren’t afraid of making mistakes, but learn from them

If you intern at Tamarack, you won’t be doing busy work created for interns. You will be an integral part of our team for the summer. You will work alongside engineers, mechanics, and senior management advancing the technology. What you do will have a lasting benefit for you, Tamarack and shape the aerospace industry. Your name will be on certification documents, reports, and calibrations - things that only experienced engineers do at other companies.

Our interns are highly encouraged to use Tamarack equipment and resources after hours. Want to machine a part? Do it. Want to learn FEM? Do it. Have questions? Ask them. Our team is eager to help you learn and understand more - plus, you get to work around jet aircraft every day.

As an intern at Tamarack Aerospace Group, you will be an important part of a team working on the development and certification of game-changing technologies and innovations having genuine impact on the aerospace industry.

All interns must be flexible and open to be mentored by professionals. During the summer you will have the responsibility to attend technical talks by senior Tamarack engineers on relevant areas of expertise as well as receive coaching and mentorship from colleagues within Tamarack and throughout the vibrant aerospace community in Sandpoint, Idaho. You will have weekly mentoring meetings with our engineering team to ensure your experience is value added.

As part of your internship you will be exposed to:

Computer Stuff

- Lots of Microsoft Excel, Excel VBA

- Intro to TELS (AVL) and FEMAP

- Data Reduction

- Report Writing

- General Structural Substantiation and Design

Testing Stuff

- Calibrations (wing strain, load cells, control surface position)

- Static Testing

- Barely Visible Impact Damage Testing (BVID)

- Data Acquisition (Tracer DAQ and Dewesoft)

- Instrumentation (strain gauges, string pots, pressure transducers, tying into OEM systems)

Physical Stuff

- Machining, Welding

- Riveting

- Basic Aircraft Maintenance

- Composite Work (both fiberglass and carbon)

- General Construction, Electronic Construction / Design

Minimum qualifications:

Must be a second-year or third-year student currently attending a 4-year Bachelor’s program, majoring in aerospace, electrical, or mechanical engineering.

Experience in Excel and one or more of the following software applications: MATLAB, Solid Works, FEMAP/NASTRAN


Deadline: Friday, February 28, 2020 at 11:59 pm PST

Please send your resume and cover letter, to include responses to the two questions, to the following mailbox:


2020 Internship Essay Questions (each essay should be 200 words or less):

  1. How were you first introduced to aerospace engineering? How have you continued to develop your technical skills and seek additional exposure to the field?

  2. Tell us about a time you have used your engineering skills in your personal life – hobbies and other outside interests. Please go into detail about how you used technical skills.