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Safety Standards, Testing and Certification

Safety Standards

Tamarack Aerospace is committed to the highest possible level of safety for our customers, pilots, passengers and employees.  There are over 100 Active Winglet-transformed CitationJets with forty-thousand combined flight hours in our growing fleet.  A pilot of any level can operate the Active Winglets System. Our promise is safety, functionality, and sustainability.

FAA / EASA Certified

As an innovative technology, the Active Winglet modification is rigorously tested during the certification process, by both the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), and by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Safety is the most important factor during these certification processes and Tamarack Active Winglets meet the criteria of both agencies.

The certification process consists of rigorous flight testing to ensure performance safety, including simulating failure conditions. As a new technology, both EASA and the FAA have added requirements that are more demanding than typical certification efforts.

These added requirements include simulating all types of failures at all airspeeds and flight regimes to assess the results in-flight. Although highly unlikely scenarios, it is imperative to critically test fuel imbalance, single engine operation, mis-trim, high speed, low speed, climb, approach, and even landing with simulated system failures in place.

During the Active Winglet certification process, all critical and non-critical failure conditions are flight-tested. The results demonstrate that in the unlikely case of an Active Winglet failure, any pilot is able to control the aircraft and conduct a safe recovery and landing.  

Safety Features and Procedures

As part of our commitment to active safety, we have fully tested corrective actions in the highly unlikely event of an emergency incident involving Tamarack Active Winglets.  In normal operation, the Active Winglet System is constantly monitoring for faults. In the rare case that a fault is sensed, power to the TACS will turn off automatically and the red annunciation light will come on. This indicates to the pilot that they should reduce speed. This function of pulling power from the Tamarack Active Camber Surface allows them to blow back to the faired position. Both sides receive the same signal to move symmetrically. It is extremely rare for the system to fail and less common for the system to fail where the TACS would misbehave and move out of sync - because both sides receive the same signal to move symmetrically, by design.

You can see a real life simulation of a worst-cast scenario in the the video below.  The video demonstrates an aircraft (CJ1) in level flight at 240 KIAS at 27,000 feet, with the autopilot engaged.  After allowing the uncommanded maneuver to continue for 5 seconds for demonstration purposes, the pilot initiates a recovery per the procedure in the FAA and EASA approved Aircraft Flight Manual (AFM) Supplement. As shown, the aircraft rolls at about five degrees per second and after recovering per the AFMS procedure, the aircraft is then trimmed, and flight is resumed at the ATLAS Inop Speed (140 KIAS for CE525 and 161 KIAS for CE525A/B).



The full Active Winglet Aircraft Flight Manual Supplement is available for download below, per aircraft model.

CJ Active Winglet Aircraft Flight Manual (AFM)  

CJ1 Active Winglet Aircraft Flight Manual (AFM)

CJ1+ Active Winglet Aircraft Flight Manual (AFM)

M2 Active Winglet Aircraft Flight Manual (AFM)

CJ2 Active Winglet Aircraft Flight Manual (AFM)

CJ2+ Active Winglet Aircraft Flight Manual (AFM)

CJ3 Active Winglet Aircraft Flight Manual (AFM)

CJ3+ Active Winglet Aircraft Flight Manual (AFM)

Working Closely with the FAA on Future Safety Initiatives

Tamarack would like to thank the FAA for their commitment to flight safety, and for continuing to work with us to improve safety standards. The FAA Safety Team (FAAST) and Tamarack have been working side-by-side to improve public access to FAA and EASA safety procedures, generating the curriculum for this knowledge topic. The FAAST program will be readily available in the second quarter of 2021.

Putting Safety First

Tamarack is a proactive, safety-conscious group of inventors, engineers, and aviation experts. We are everyday innovators, always working to improve our products and customers experience. Please contact us today if you have questions about Active Winglets

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