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European CitationJets are Cleared for Takeoff

Tamarack is very pleased to announce that the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has lifted restrictions put in place by the April Emergency Airworthiness Directive (EAD) on Cessna CitationJets equipped with ATLAS Active Winglets. This comes in the form of an STC amendment that includes EASA Service Bulletin SB1480.

This action allows European registered compliant aircraft to resume flying normally.

SB1480 requires that the affected jets incorporate all existing product improvements, including SB1467, issued in April 2018, which enhances reliability of the TACS Control Unit (TCU), found to be at fault in an April 2019 incident preceding the EASA EAD.

SB1480 also requires that the affected jets incorporate SB1475, issued in March 2019, which consists of centering strips attached to the upper and lower trailing edge of the Tamarack Active Camber Surface (TACS). In the unlikely event of a system fault, the centering strips aerodynamically force the TACS back to their faired position, reducing the impact of the fault.

Tamarack made the necessary product improvements available prior to the EAD to enhance the safety and reliability of the ATLAS active winglets. We are pleased that EASA has agreed that these improvements address the safety concern that prompted the EAD.

Tamarack Extends Warranties for those Affected by the AD

Tamarack has worked diligently to make the ATLAS equipment robust and reliable and we stand behind our product.  To show our gratitude to our customers, Tamarack is restarting the clock on the equipment warranty that came with the ATLAS installation. All existing customers will receive a 24 month supplemental warranty covering all electronic ATLAS equipment, regardless of when or where ATLAS was initially installed.

Weathering the Storm with Strong Customer Support

Tamarack Aerospace extends its deep appreciation to our amazing customers who have persevered with us over the past many weeks as we worked diligently with regulatory agencies to resolve and lift the limitations imposed by Airworthiness Directives.

We know this has been a very difficult period for all of our customers. We have heard firsthand stories of business opportunities missed, revenues lost, pain caused to partnerships, travel interrupted, and passengers stranded. In the midst of this challenge, your encouraging phone calls, emails, and forum posts have meant more than we can say. It is reassuring to know that our customers remain our biggest allies.

Safety Is Our Top Priority.

As always, safety is our top concern, and we will remain diligent in our continuous review and enhancement of our ATLAS Active Winglet technology. We deeply appreciate your active participation in our constant initiative for excellence and innovation.

SB1467: Tamarack ATLAS TCU Upgrade

SB1475: TACS Centering Strip Mod

SB1480: Tamarack ATLAS Enhancements Implementation