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Active Winglet / CJ3+

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“I frequently encounter airplanes and products that don’t quite live up to their manufacturer’s claims, but the ATLAS is everything that Tamarack claims, and more.”

---Randall Brink, ATP, CE-500, CE525S, 

  • Range now 2,100 nm at MMO with IFR reserve

  • Reduced fuel burn at MMO

  • Direct climb to FL450 in ISA+

  • Max zero fuel weight increase: 400lb

  • Total wingspan

    • OEM: 52 ft 11 in

    • Active Winglet: 59 ft 7 in


In addition to increasing safety and providing a better ride in rough air, we promise you will - Fly Farther. Stop Less. Save More…and turn heads everywhere you go.

The secret sauce of Atlas Active Winglets makes step-climbs and inoperative yaw-damp limitations a thing of the past. You will enjoy measurable improvements in every phase of flight. 

Increased climb gradients will get you out of higher airports later in the day and makes faster, non-stop climbs to altitude. The acceleration to top speed, added range and reduced fuel-burn are mind-blowing; all the ingredients to get you there quicker and cheaper!

We proudly publish "no nonsense" flight data as evidence of this revolutionary technology. You will find actual flight logs and side-by-side comparisons of Atlas equipped vs. legacy CJ’s here. We also dive deep in the science of aerodynamics in the "geek data" section.

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