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Active Winglet / CJ2+

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"Tamarack has done an amazing thing. They have opened my eyes to a new aerodynamic possibility and reminded me it’s an exciting time in aviation.  You have to fly it to believe it. I urge you to do just that.”

--- Noel Yantos, president of LOFT

  • Range now 1,700 nm at MCT with IFR reserve

  • Direct climb to FL450 in ISA+

  • Faster Cruise

  • Max zero fuel weight increase: 400lb

  • Total wingspan

    • OEM: 49 ft 10 in

    • Active Winglet: 55 ft 10 in


Passive Winglets require additional wing structure and weight to carry the additional wing loads. Tamarack’s innovative load-alleviating technology allows the Active Winglets to aerodynamically “turn off” the winglet in specific conditions, thus dumping additional loads. Load alleviation enables a substantial increase in aspect ratio without the need for wing reinforcement (and added weight) or other compromises to the winglet’s design.

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