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Active Winglet / CJ2

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"“To be honest I was never a fan of winglets installed on any Citation including the Citation X. From my experience they just didn’t seem to provide much of an advantage for the expense but that scepticism changed one morning in September.”"

---Kirby Ortega, Yingling Aviation - Chief Pilot

  • Range now 1,700 nm at MCT with IFR reserve

  • Direct climb to FL450 in 26 mins

  • Faster Cruise

  • Max zero fuel weight increase: 800lb

  • Total wingspan

    • OEM: 49 ft 10 in

    • Active Winglet: 55 ft 10 in


Aircraft wing efficiency is all about aspect ratio. Longer wings are more efficient for lift and have lower drag—think gliders. Winglets have the effect of increasing span, reduce drag from wing-tip vortices, and improve the lift distribution over the wing. Tamarack's Active Winglets are designed for maximum aerodynamic efficiency without the compromises requisite of Passive Winglets. The key to the Active Winglet technology is the load alleviation aspect, which allows for the addition of a wing extension and a highly tuned winglet design while keeping the original wing structure.

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